I am an in-home lifestyle photographer living in West Michigan (Zeeland to be exact).

I would love the opportunity to photograph your family!!

But first, just in case you are curious, I wanted to share a little bit about what life looks like at my house...

I am strongly in favor of any activities that involve sweatpants and lots of snuggles. My home is my happy place (me = total homebody) and cozy mornings with my husband and kids are my favorite. I prefer my coffee fresh and piping hot but I'm learning that microwaved and lukewarm still gets the job done. It's the infinite number of tiny moments that happen between brewing that first cup and then finding it cold and forgotten long after tucking my kids into bed that inspire me to pick up my camera. Right now our life is focused around adjusting to life with two kiddos, soaking up all those sweet baby "firsts" and marveling at the newly found independence that accompanies toddlerhood. It's amazing, exciting and kind of crazy!! Life moves and changes so fast. When my babies are grown, I want them to be able see what their childhood was all about... what our home looked like, their favorite toys and activities, who we were as a family and how very much we loved them.

The way I photograph my own family is the same way I approach photographing yours!! You can learn what to expect from your in-home session here or check out a featured session here! Don't forget to follow Orange Tree Studio on Instagram and Facebook for announcements, promotions and the occasional glimpse into my slice of life!